Intretinere usoara, rezistenta in timp foarte ridicata, rezistenta mare la agenti chimici si factori mecanici, aspect vizual deosebit, in caz de deteriorare reparatiile sunt usoare si de scurta durata.


Easy maintenance, very high time resistance, high resistance to chemical agents and mechanical factors, great visual appearance, in case of damage the repairs are easy and short-lived.

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Blaturile de mese realizate din mdf sau pal si acoperite cu rasina epoxidica sunt unice din punct de vedere vizual dar si constructiv. Fiecare blat este realizat manual si necesita o atentie deosebita in procesul de executie. Aceste tipuri de proiecte se realizeaza doar pe comanda, clientul fiind in contact direct cu echipa noastra de design astfel incat rezultatul final sa fie comform cerintelor si asteptarilor.


Table tops made of mdf or pal and coated with epoxy resin are visually unique but also constructive. Each countertop is handmade and requires special attention in the execution process. These types of projects are only made on order, the client being in direct contact with our design team so that the final result is in accordance with the requirements and expectations.


Mese bucatarie, dining, cafea, blaturi pentru receptii, blaturi baie, birouri, etc.


Kitchen tables, dining tables, coffee tables, receptions, bathroom countertops, office desk etc.

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🇹🇩 MDF sau PAL

Rasina epoxidica Diamond Gloss, LY-UV, UV Clear sau Cast 100, transparenta sau pigmentata

Optional se poate aplica stra de protectie SE-Poly briliant/mat.

🇬🇧 MDF or PAL

Diamond Gloss, LY-UV, UV Clear sau Cast 100 epoxy resin, transparent or pigmented

Optionally SE-Poly gloss / matt protection can be applied.